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We develop calculators-presentations for businesses and startups that will encourage viewers to buy and believe in your idea

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Development of any calculators for businesses and startups: enterprise profitability calculations, advantage calculators, comparative calculators and many others


A small web application to demonstrate the benefits of your offer in numbers


Pitch-presentation calculator for startups is a tool for demonstrating the benefits of your idea

Web Calculators

A great tool for calculating the cost of a product or service for your business customers

Completed projects

Hourly sale of the hotel


Breakfast Sales Calculator


Sports Business Calculator


How the calculator works

In most cases, we use these technologies to develop calculators


Development cost

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Calculator for startup presentation



Calculator with business calculations



Any other type of calculator


Switch toggle to «on» if you don`t have a ready-made script for the calculator and we have to create it

The volume of calculations

Select the approximate amount of calculations that will be in your calculator

Up to 10 actions or calculations of any complexity

Up to 25 actions or calculations of any complexity

More than 25 actions or calculations of any complexity

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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer the most frequent questions about the development of calculators

What calculators do you make?

We create any calculators for businesses and startups, for example, enterprise profitability calculations, advantage calculators, comparative calculators and many others. If you haven`t found any mention of the type of calculators you need, you can still write to us and be sure we can help you.

What is PitchCalc?

PitchCalc is a calculator that will help startups present their product, service, or something else using the «language of numbers». This highlights the advantages of the idea and, most importantly, its potential in the most obvious and understandable way. We uses this marketing technology to promote its own products — why don`t you try it?

What is a script / scenario?

A script / scenario is a sequence of steps and calculations in a calculator. We write scripts based on a lot of data, for example, to write a script, it is important to take into account who is the speaker, who is the viewer, what area the presentation belongs to, whether it will be publicly available (public domain), or only with a list, whether competitors need to be taken into account in calculations etc.

What types of calculations are possible?

Despite the fact that JavaScript, the programming language we use, has some limitations, we have never had any problems making calculations using the most complex formulas. Do not forget that any problem always has two solutions. Thus, answering the question posed, any types of calculations and calculations of any complexity are possible.

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