Why hotel should have booking module on website?

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A hotel booking module is a feature integrated into a hotel's website that enables customers to book rooms directly through the website. This innovative feature provides customers with an easy and convenient way to make a reservation, without the need to call or visit the hotel in person.

The main advantage

The main reason to install the booking module is the same as in general to think about creating a website for a hotel. With the help of their website and the convenience of booking through the booking module, hotels globally save millions of euros on OTA commission payments, such as booking.com , expedia.com and some others.

The hotel's website has other advantages, due to which you can not pay extra with the booking aggregator, and many hotel chains use them. But we will talk about this another time, but for now we will move on to a more detailed review of such a technical element of the site as the booking module.

Overview of the booking module

The hotel booking module typically includes several important elements, such as room selection, dates of stay, payment processing, and confirmation. Customers can choose from a variety of room types, including standard rooms, suites, and family rooms, and easily select their desired dates of stay. Once a room is selected, customers can enter their payment information and process their booking.

One of the key benefits of a hotel booking module is increased convenience for customers. Rather than having to call the hotel to check availability and make a reservation, customers can now do so quickly and easily through the hotel's website. This eliminates the need for long wait times on the phone, and allows customers to make a booking at any time of the day or night.

Another important benefit of a hotel booking module is improved efficiency. By allowing customers to book directly through the website, the hotel's staff is freed up from having to process phone and in-person reservations. This frees up time and resources, and enables the hotel to process more bookings and increase its revenue.


In conclusion, a hotel booking module is a valuable tool for hotels looking to improve their online presence and provide customers with an easy and convenient way to make a reservation. With 24/7 availability and fast, secure payment processing, hotels can increase their efficiency, generate more revenue, and provide customers with an exceptional experience.

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